Sunday, 8 July 2012


I made these placemats for the children but we weren't able to get crayons and Mark left them in the hotel anyway so they never got used. In the end though they weren't needed, Monty kept the children occupied and I don't think any of them were bored or would have needed it. I thought I'd share anyway.

This is another thing I'd like to have a go at making for other people, so if you would like one in your wedding theme, get in touch!

Options for placemats
Let me know your themes or anything you want included and:

     Word list or Theme for words
Hidden Message Wordsearch
     As above plus message
Drawing Space
     Theme or Shape for drawing space
Colouring In
     Theme or picture for colouring in

Dot to Dot
     Theme or picture
Naughts and Crosses boards
Squares board
Treasure Hunt (list of items for children to find or, if you're supplying disposable cameras, for them to photograph)

Obviously I only have so much space so there's a limit to how much I can fit in.

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  1. Actually the ones you have posted would fit my theme as well. It is a renaissance Zelda type theme. Will you please offer a larger file of these ones? I have it set to notify me of any responses. Thank you.