Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My first post

This is the first time I've done this and my first post here. Not really sure what to say...

My name is Claire, I'm 30 and I'm marrying Mark, who's 45, next year. We've been together for about 7 years and have four children. Our first is our angel-baby Lily-Hope, then we had Isobel who is 5, Siân who is 2.5 and Carys our baby is 4 months. (I've just had to edit that because it's been bugging me that I said Mark was 45 next year, like that's more important than our wedding and he's not anyway... oh dear, I am a pedant!)

Not long after we got together we sort of decided we'd have a Medieval wedding when we got married - no if, no asking, we just knew it was a done deal. At the time we weren't sure what that meant or when it would be.

When Siân came along we decided that Isobel was at a good age that she would enjoy a wedding so we planned to leave it 2.5 years which would bring us to summer and Siân would be a similar age to Isobel. Eventually we booked it for 25th June 2011. Then in November 2010 we realised I was pregnant again! Being what I like to call an impatient mum (I always deliver early) we knew there was no way we could continue with our plans as they stood and rebooked for a year later. We're now just under 9 months away from the new date and working hard on getting ready for it.

This blog isn't going to be a how-to, it's about how we're doing. I'll share my methods for things so others can have a go and answer any questions if I can help other medieval brides.

One rule we have, the words "medieval theme" are not allowed around our wedding!