Friday, 13 July 2012

A new video!

Aliye sent me this yesterday and it's already the most watched video she's uploaded!

We're World of Warcraft players and, knowing this, Aliye bought some in game music. This is a special performance piece by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and it sound amazing! What Aliye didn't realise is that this is the login music so when I hear this normally I'm about to play, I thinking about what I'm going to do, I'm thinking about meeting my friends... It's very much an expectant piece so we think it's quite appropriate for this.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Lavendar Wands

I didn't buy corsages or button holes because I didn't think they really fit in (this is one of the wonderful things with medieval weddings, a lot of modern stuff can easily be cut out and no one will think it's missing because it wouldn't fit in) but I saw this a couple of weeks ago and decided to have a try for our mums. Unfortunately I couldn't find any long enough for our mums so I did these small ones for our nieces and as a present to a friend who has helped out a lot.

You need 2m of ribbon, 0.5cm or narrower and an odd number of lavendar stems (I used 9 and 13) roughly equal length.

Strip off the leaves.

Tie one end of the length of ribbon just under the flowers.

I need more pictures, I'll add them when I get chance.

Fold the stalks over the flowers at the ribbon.

Take the long end of the ribbon and weave in through the stalks. It's a bit fiddly at first but once you've done the first two rounds it get easier. You need to pull it really tight because as it dries out it will get looser.

Leave it over night to dry out and then tighten up the weaving.

Once you've finished the weaving, you can either tie it off and have the stalks loose or wrap the ribbon all the way down and finish with a bow. You might find a little superglue useful for securing the ribbon!

I included two stalks for the blue one

Sunday, 8 July 2012

My flowers

When I was looking for a florist I knew I needed one who got excited by what I was doing, otherwise I would end up with the same bouquet anyone got. I told them I wanted it to look like I'd collected it on the way to the church.

I met one florist at a wedding  show and when I told them the brief I think they forgot I was there because the two of them got very excited about, discussing between them what they could do! I knew I'd found the right people!

Other than that brief, lilies and roses were important to us because our daughter's name was Lily and red roses were the favourite flowers of both our grandmothers who died in the last few years.

Close up of my bouquet
I have two bouquets here, the girls seemed to pass them off a lot!
My sister (MoH) and eldest daughter (CBM)
Me and my husband!

All three types of bouquet


I made these placemats for the children but we weren't able to get crayons and Mark left them in the hotel anyway so they never got used. In the end though they weren't needed, Monty kept the children occupied and I don't think any of them were bored or would have needed it. I thought I'd share anyway.

This is another thing I'd like to have a go at making for other people, so if you would like one in your wedding theme, get in touch!

Options for placemats
Let me know your themes or anything you want included and:

     Word list or Theme for words
Hidden Message Wordsearch
     As above plus message
Drawing Space
     Theme or Shape for drawing space
Colouring In
     Theme or picture for colouring in

Dot to Dot
     Theme or picture
Naughts and Crosses boards
Squares board
Treasure Hunt (list of items for children to find or, if you're supplying disposable cameras, for them to photograph)

Obviously I only have so much space so there's a limit to how much I can fit in.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wedding Map

I thought as the wedding is over and I don't need to worry about revealing too many details on here, I'd start to show you more detail of our stationery.

This is our wedding map. I drew it myself - according to Mark I can't draw, he refuses to tell me how good the map is... - drawing the various elements on A4 paper, scanned them all in and then used Photoshop to get them right. I'm quite pleased with how they came out, very proud of my jousters! The only things I didn't draw are the train and carriage. I've included our crests on the flags outside the castle and a Tardis because the Lord Leycester Hospital was used as a Doctor Who location and we're both fans.

I enjoyed making the map so much I'm thinking of doing it for others, if you'd like one get in touch. I'm going to do them cheap (just to cover any costs) to start with to get some experience.