Sunday, 8 July 2012

My flowers

When I was looking for a florist I knew I needed one who got excited by what I was doing, otherwise I would end up with the same bouquet anyone got. I told them I wanted it to look like I'd collected it on the way to the church.

I met one florist at a wedding  show and when I told them the brief I think they forgot I was there because the two of them got very excited about, discussing between them what they could do! I knew I'd found the right people!

Other than that brief, lilies and roses were important to us because our daughter's name was Lily and red roses were the favourite flowers of both our grandmothers who died in the last few years.

Close up of my bouquet
I have two bouquets here, the girls seemed to pass them off a lot!
My sister (MoH) and eldest daughter (CBM)
Me and my husband!

All three types of bouquet

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