Tuesday, 17 January 2012


We're staying over in Warwick so we're not going to need transport, besides even the most vintage of cars is too modern for our wedding. On the other hand, though, it's all a bit far for me to walk without crutches and my vanity is getting in the way of not using them.

It's a short walk from the hotel to the hospital and I'll be walking it with Dad so I'll be leaning on his arm, that bit is easy. The walk from the hospital to the castle is a little longer so we decided to get a horse to take me between the venues!

We found Listening Horsemanship from The Costume Company's website and we love their website, they do some brilliant work with horses that they rescue and give them a quality of life. Seeing the work they've done I'm happy having them there knowing that they wouldn't be using a horse that wasn't able to do the job and that we're contributing to their work.

The horses will be dressed in medieval dress which is also made by The Costume Company, so we know they will be able to coordinate with what we're wearing, and they'll add flowers to coordinate with my flowers.

I'm sure you can imagine, our daughters are loving the unicorns! We're taking them to see the horses in a few weeks and they're very excited!


  1. Oh sweet lord, I too ADORE unicorns, so this is just the cutest way ever to get transported medieval style :D

    1. I don't think we'll be getting the unicorns, but aren't they brill?!

      I can't wait to go to Wales and meet the horses. I'm hoping I get to have a practice, I'm a little nervous, although I've been on a horse before I haven't since my mobility got this bad so I'm hoping I'll be comfortable enough. It's about half a mile between the venues and then we'll have to walk through the castle grounds to where we need to get to. I'll probably have to go a little longer as I don't think we'll get a horse into that entrance, but I love the idea of walking through the more public entrance and past all the guests!

      I'm thinking of getting the wedding party to come the same way as I'd love to get some pictures of them queuing for a ticket!