Thursday, 12 January 2012


Until I have some ideas of things to write I'm going to go through all my suppliers or the things I'm making myself and tell you about them, what we're having etc. Stationery seemed the logical place to start.

In case you haven't noticed, the background on this blog is the same one we've used on the stationery.
Save the Date card

Supplies from PDA Cards and Craft.
I used an A5 sheet of leather paper for the outside, A5 sheet of manuscript card with 5mm cut off all the way around. I printed the details onto parchment paper which I stapled to the manuscript (from the inside so that the sharp bits were hidden) and the glued into the leather paper. I finished off with a matching plaque.
These haven't been made properly yet, this is just a sample and I'm planning to do it a little different to here.
This is an A4 sheet of leather paper, we have two pieces of manuscript card that have been cut in half and trimmed by 5mm and a 10mm piece in the centre.

On the right hand page is a 10mm deep pocket to hold the information sheets which are now going to be done as a booklet. I've also made a 10mm cube to go in the corner to keep it from getting squashed when closed.

On the left hand page will be a scroll which will be sealed with our wax seal which we're waiting to be made at the moment, it'll be attached with some double sided tape and we're going to put a Sticky Dot at the bottom to hold it open once the seal has been broken.
Order of Service/ Thank You cards/ Booklet Insert
Same as the Save the Date but the OOS will be A4.

My only regret is that the manuscript is portrait so on the items that are A4 the writing goes the wrong way.

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  1. Looking really good ! :) I am sure your guests will get a nice feel of the day, that they can look forward to :)