Tuesday, 17 January 2012


We've met some lovely people over the three years we've been planning this wedding, one thing that we've used to decide who to book has been the enthusiasm they've shown for our wedding, the way it's inspired people.

Our photographer is Aliye Mullen. Aliye has done a lot of work for us before and we wouldn't want to book anyone else, she's brilliant! There are some of our photos on her website.

Our videographers are Midway Media. We found them from a recommendation on the Confetti Forums, when I emailed them with the details of the wedding Tracey emailed me back and I knew they were the right people, she was so enthusiastic about it, she told me she loved the era and had wanted to have a Kingmaker hen party herself. Mark wasn't totally convinced about having a video so I booked Midway to come and see us. As they left the house Mark said "If I had the cash, I'd have booked them now" he was as sold on their work as he was their enthusiasm for our wedding, especially that they'd asked to see The Costume Company website as they want to dress up so they don't get in Aliye's way!

Another supplier who have impressed us with how much they got into our wedding was our florist, From Me to You Flowers, we met them at a wedding show and when we told them the sort of wedding we were having they immediately started getting into the ideas, they completely got my idea of "gathered on the way to the wedding" and talked about the flowers that you could collect in a hedgerow and traditional English flowers. I haven't had a florist before click so easily with the idea so I knew I had found the right one.

Our other suppliers have posts of their own, I might do posts for some of the others too.

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