Thursday, 12 January 2012

Our venues

We've chosen some amazing venues.

Our legal wedding is being held at our home church - Kings Christian Centre - on the Friday. This is because at the moment English law doesn't allow us to have a legal Christian wedding outside the church and it was important to us that God was the centre of our day. By having the legal service the day before we can have a Christian wedding on the day without having to worry about the legalities.

Anyone a Whovian?

The wedding venue is The Lord Leycester Hospital which will be a none legal wedding. Following the service we have a drinks reception whilst we have photos taken at the hospital.
We will leave The Lord Leycester Hospital with me on horseback (again I'll post about this later) and hopefully minstrels leading us. There are dancing ribbons and flags for people to use as we walk up together.

The reception is held at the rather impressive Warwick Castle, home of Richard Neville, Kingmaker. We have another drinks reception here and then we make our way through the Kingmaker Exhibition to the Undercroft where we shall be entertained by minstrels and a jester through our 4 course banquet.


  1. My heart just skipped a beat, Oh I really hope that once the wedding is over you will let me repost some of your pictures on my blog, because it looks like it's going to be amasing. The venues are .. I have no words.. incredible!

    1. I can't believe how well we've done on venues, we have some of the most amazing, magnificent buildings in England, right at the heart of our era and you couldn't get a modern hotel wedding for what we're paying!

      I shall definitely be sharing the pictures and you're welcome to repost. I'm just hoping everything lives up to the picture I have in my head!

  2. The venue is so important to a medieval wedding :) I have seen some where the clothing and ceremony was perfect and all the guests dressed up, but then the venue was the 17th century gold mirrored hall, that looked like a marie antoinette dinner room. So I am sure that the over all impression which you dream of will be perfect :)

    1. There is that potential at Warwick. We could have used the Great Hall but it is a museum piece, too grand and probably a little too modern. The Undercroft probably isn't brilliant, but it's simple enough that it doesn't matter. The Great Hall at the Lord Leycester is definitely modern but it's small enough that it won't matter as all you'll see are the walls and the guests, but once you're outside, as you can see, it's perfect. I think we can live with it for an hour!