Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's been an interesting week

I'm away in Wales for the week, the first few days we've had all our wedding party visit for their fittings.

So far I've seen my dad in his outfit as they've already made it for someone else; designed Mum's outfit; seen Mark's Mum in her outfit as she fell for something they had in the shop and it could have been made for her; Mark's Dad chose the same outfit and colours as Mark without knowing (Mark's Mum is in the same colour too) which is cool, we were leaving it up to him but Mark wanted him to match; Mark's sons looked gorgeous in the outfits they tried on his eldest looked very regal, I'm not sure there's going to be any heads to turn but I'm sure he would if there were; Mark and the other men had a play with swords and dressing up which was a lot of fun and very entertaining! The ladies have convinced them to leave the crests to them (to my relief!); I've designed my dress with a little help from Mark!

All that's left now is to designed the bridesmaids on Saturday, I'm hoping they talk to each other soon and let me know what they're doing! That and enjoy a holiday in Wales!

I have got lots of pictures but it's all top secret at the moment ;)

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