Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Men in Tights...

I get asked this so much I thought I'd share one of my favourite songs from the brilliant film "Robin Hood, Men in Tights" I remember when I was younger, my sister, her friend and I would "dance" along to this, my sister as the smallest would get thrown over (with lots of cushions pulled from our parents sofa of course!)

Question for you, what character is a myth - Robin Hood or Arthur?

Maybe surprisingly it's Robin Hood and just as myth like as Robin himself, is the idea that any man will be wearing tights to our wedding.

The basis of the man's outfit is black trousers and a black or white shirt (like a pirate shirt). I was going to show you a picture but The Costume Company are updating their website at the moment. It's not dressing up.

There is then a variety of tabards to choose from and some leather pieces (collar, arm braces and a belt with a pouch for your phone). If you're not up for too much dressing up then you really don't need to.

If you're feeling a little braver then there are other options for you...

(again, I'd show you more pictures but with the work on the website there's not as much there)

Be warned if you did fancy going for this one, Isobel is terrified of beards so you won't be in anyone's good books!

There are some short trouser options (I could only find this one at the moment) but they're paired with football socks.

For ladies it's a similar story, you can choose your clothes depending on how you feel.

Either the full dress

 I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, that's satin backed dupion. All the dresses are made in good quality fabric, it's not the cheap polyester type thing you get from a fancy dress shop.

I was going to say "depending on how brave you feel" but I think with the women's outfits it's rather subjective. Some women will feel more comfortable in a full dress like this and some in the other option below. If full dresses aren't your think, maybe you'd feel more comfortable in a knee length or long skirt with a blouse and waistcoat...

 The ladies at The Costume Company are used to dressing all sizes of people, hiding the bits you don't like and showing off the bits you do. They have all sizes and heights, although if you are an unusual size it may be worth calling to let them know to bring something for you.

There is even clothes for the children.

I'll add something for the girls when they've added them to their site.

We would ask you that whatever reservations you have now that you wait until the wedding before you decide. Most people who have been unsure have changed their minds when they've seen what's available and you may feel differently when you're all in it together and it's not about whether you dress up or not.

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