Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The ride to the castle, the trebuchet and the drinks reception!

The guys stopped the traffic and our procession moved off. The ushers did a fantastic job of getting us through the traffic and everyone who stopped was really good about it. We stopped at Town Gate to direct the guests through. Mark decided he would go through to show them where to go so we waited, then our coordinator came out and said we needed to hurry up if we were going to do what we’d planned as they needed to go. I told the rest of the guests (as we’d kept family aside) to go through and went around with ushers.

We rode down to the top of River Bank and the horse was finding it hard so I got down and pointed them up to a field that is usually unused because it’s through trees. I ran down to the bridge and someone was calling for the best man, I said the ushers too but was told “no they just want the best man” so I asked our coordinator and she said “yeah, who are they” and went to get them.

I went up to Mark and said “what’s going on are we early?” and he said “stop pretending! I know you arranged this and I LOVE it!” I went to the bridge with them and asked to go, my togs/ vog followed me and we were told only 8 people could be on the island so I did a quick count and said “that’s those four, me and the photographers and videographers?” so they said yes! The togs/ vog were over the moon! All four of them were really pleased to be going in. They only did two one minute stints each but I know Mark is still aching from it. The best man got off with trebuchet sickness, he was grey and his lips blue, we were a little worried about him but it passed quickly. When the trebuchet master gave the all clear the bridge was reopened and our guests filed over for some pictures. We didn’t have chance to get many though as we were called to the conservatory for our drinks reception.

I had a message from one of the waiters that our coordinator said do we have a copy of the table plan because they hadn’t been sent one! I asked if I could use a computer and I could get it from wedding path, she asked if I minded giving her my login details so I was taken out the back so I could tell her my password. I got that sorted then turned to Mark and said “You did send the guestbook and pens, didn’t you?” Nope! So I called the hotel, asked for the manager and handed him over to Mark who explained where they were and said if they sent someone to the back entrance we’d send someone over but he said he’d bring it to turnstiles.

We had speeches but I’d forgotten to print mine, forgot it all and made a mess, then Mark pulling faces just away from me put me off, he came over to be a little more supportive but I'd lost my whole train so I finished off quickly.

After the groom’s speech I’d recovered enough for the next surprises.  I asked the three men to put their hands in the air, look at them and tell me what already looked like it belonged to them. Lots of blank faces! Eventually someone pointed out to one that their family crest was on their wrist so they all got the point and I said “that’s because they are! Our thank you to you all is that you get to keep your vanbraces.” Then I told our MC we needed fire “Fire? Ah Monty has fire!” whilst he ran out the room I explained that it was Dad’s 60th just over a week ago and they’d not had chance to do as much as they had wanted because of how close the wedding is so we had a little surprise for him and could people please respond in the customary way. At that point our MC came running back in brandishing a lighter shouting “fire!” so they quickly lit the sparkler and brought it out so everyone sang “Happy Birthday” we asked if they could bring the cake down to the reception so that he could cut it with the sword.

It was then time to move to the reception. I was just talking to our MC and a few of them blokes there, one of the waiters suggested getting a chair down for me as I was obviously struggling by this point. Next thing I know I’m going backwards, I put my hands out to steady myself and two of them grabbed my hands and put a hand on my back whilst someone threw a chair quickly behind me. After a few moments the MC helped me back up and offered me his arm, we walked slowly behind the others and one of the ushers came over and gave me his arm on the other side. As we were walking over one of the horse people came over and said that the horse had calmed down now and was waiting in the courtyard for us. I had some pictures with me on the horse and Mark next to me. The togs had gone through the exhibition with the guests and one of the vogs, the other vog was using her new toy to take pictures of us. I went to get down as the horse sidestepped and had to dismount to the ground, which was the first time I’d done it.

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